Ruth's Story

Our friend, Ruth, Was estranged from her family due to 40 yeas of alcohol and drug abuse. She cam to Overflow to hang out and have something to do. She found a community of loving Christians who accepted her and loved her although she was often intoxicated or needed to slip away for a beer.

One evening on her way to the bar.. she passed the Cafe' where there was a bible study and she was drawn inside. Ruth said, "God took me by the shoulders, turned me around and shoved me in." She only stayed for a few minutes the first time, but each time she came she stayed longer and longer. Over the course of a few months, Ruth came to realize that God loved her too.

Out of gratitude, Ruth found herself Wanting to serve God. She literally heard God say, "I can't use you Like this. You can't hear me."
Ruth responded, "Then I'll quit." it seemed god took away her desire for alcohol.

Ruth passed away in late august, but she was in regular contact with her with her siblings and children, and grandchildren. Last Mother's Day, they all came to Cambridge to suprise her

We love what God has done in Ruth's life.